Monday, July 31, 2006

Ugggh I need a break

Well I played E's friday night and i dont know what the hell was wrong with me, I wasn't in a very good mood bfore going and actually contemplated going but decided to go cause I already had my seat locked. I really should of stayed home because I took a serious hit and that really just put me in a worse mood. I really think i need to take some time off maybe a week or so. I'll probably play some this week though see how I do and take next week off.

So at E's I sit down with a meat ball cause I usually can run it up with no problem. Not this time I busted that in less than 20 mins rebought for 200 and immidiately hit a set against pops and push all in to his pot sized bet which was around 50 with a flush draw showing I had 444 board was 9K4 2 spades. I thought about what he might have and a set of nines did cross my mind but what are the odds, so I put him on AK or a strong K and push all in Woooops he shows his 9's and I'm sick I should of stayed home.

So I buy back in for another 150 after a short break and go up and down through the night till Scooter puts me on tilt and ship the rest of my shortstack to him when he catches 4 eights to my A6 suited. He owes Nelly a dollar for that hand too by the way (10 8). Good lord I was having such a bad night and my head was just not in the game, well hopefully a few days rest will do me some good.

Well I was supposed to leave for AC this morning with E but got a text message at the last minute telling me he had to back out, Blahhhhh. I was really looking forward to going too not just to play poker but just to get away for a few days. Wanted to just go up there and relax, I was planning on just playing a bunch of Tourneys, tourneys relax me its my best game and I can just sit and chill not worry about much, where as cash games are a little hectic and you have a lot more on the line. (well depending on the circumstances I guess). I dunno maybe 'll get up there later on this week.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Poker withdrawals, lets have some fun

I just wanted to let everyone know that Keenan, our good buddy is dising all his poker buddies and one of the most popular games on the circuit at E's because his girlfriend is here, what! I mean next thing you know its gonna be sorry guys my girl wont let play tonight I got to hang out with her, and then the Kiki as we know him will be gone, just a figment of our imagination, a conversation piece at the poker table "hey you guys remember Kiki? Who? Kiki" and then like one or two people will say "oh yea Keenan didn't he get married or something, no his girlfriend moved in.....ohh that's what happened to him" LOL

Just kidding homey do you thing and have fun, just wanted to stir up some shit before you leave. Hope everything goes good in NY. But you still owe me a trip to A.C. dogging us like that, jeesh.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Da Wedensday game

Well its back at the Donkey Coral and I love this game weather I win or loose its just fun. But on a serious note I just want to apoligize to Nelly because I said some things in a post and I really made her mad. But I guess she doesn't really know me to well yet, So Nelly I am sorry for being a dick. But honestly when I get mad and run my mouth you just got to take that shit with a grain of salt and then verbally abuse me the next time you see me, then I laugh at it cause I enjoy getting berated by angry women. And honestly I didn't mean anything personally. And I am not one to stay pissy for long actually after I get some sleep I'm better.... LOL.

So anyway I basically freerolled tonite so I was just having fun playing like a donkey but that took its toll on me cause there were a few real hands where I should of dropped the hammer but couldn't pull the trigger.........and those 2 hands would have probably put me in the plus tonight instead of the negative.

The game broke about 2ish, we played 6 handed for awhile and then E jumped in the box and we decided to play some 2/4 limit dealers choice which was cool cause these are the games that I have been working on and I did pretty good I've been leraning alot about these games lately and my limit and hi/lo games have improved quite a bit compared to what it was which was in need of help. Overall money wise bad night stuck $300 but still up from Tuesday night so as long as I do well orbreak even at E's game on Sat. it wil be off to AC for a few days. Untill then its martini time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Please rebuy

Well Jeff had an inaugural game on the circuit last night, a new Tuesday night game....Cool. It was a nice game well organized and great food but the dealers need some help but best of all lots of fish. When we first sat down it was 5 regulars and 3 newbies, after awhile Keenan left cause he had to work wahhh, Adam busted out, Steve busted out, and I can see why, not that they were playing badly because they weren't, but after playing the normal games on the circuit you really have to adjust your play at this game and not many of us were ready for that, I know I wasn't at first. It's just there were two fish at the table that were just cold calling everything and getting very lucky. So after getting tired of my chips going up and down like it was the pink chip game I adjusted my play and buckled down.

So later into the night the only regulars left were E, Launtz and I and Jeff jumped in the game the rest were feesh. I pick up KK raise it up flop comes 965 two hearts I pop out like a $40 bet folds around to Launtz he pushes all in for like 130 more ...Huh I look at him and say dude if you suck out on me I'm gonna be pissed I got KK he looks a lil worried now so I call he shows 89 no hearts I say wow and take it down when he got no help. Wow I busted out Launtz he never looses. Ok now I'm in a hand with this fish who needed a helmet because the deck hit him over the head and never saw a pair he didn't like. Well this kid never folded and always raised so I pick up K10 in MP he raises it up like 20 Ok I call and I think one other caller flop comes JQA hmmm he bets I call turn blank he checks I bet 20 he calls as he has done all night river comes blank he checks again I bet 35 he says ok I'll pay to see the ace he calls and says show me the ace I say umm no ace but I'll show you the straight......doh. Ok one more the other big feeesh at the table, the one who knocked out Steve with runner runner flush which was just sick, is getting real cocky raising, straddling every time he's UTG, blind calling, he thinks he's controlling table I let him think that and then I told him I could take his stack with any 2 cards at anytime (I know I'm a DH but he was pissing me off) he laughs and says go ahead, Ok. So like 2 hands later I raise it up pre-flop I get 3 callers the fish being one of them I flop top pair and pop off like a $25 bet the fish raises it up to 50 everyone else folds I look at him and say all in he calls of course and shows AJ for no pair I wait turn and river don't help him I show top pair and E says "Ship It" as he's laughing his ass off. Well needless to say I had a really good night cashing out about 7x my buy in.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Correction, My bad OK

OK well below you will my find perception of how some things went down in our friendly 1/2 game, I'm not editing anything because I wrote it like that and I'll keep it that way because I am not one to go back on things I say. But it turns out I may have taken a few things out of context or not taken them the way were meant, and I was very tired and was pobably not thinking to clearly.

You will have to read the below post to understand what I am talking about. One person in general Steve, turns out Steve really wasn't being the DH I thought he was he was actually giving me credit for having the balls to make that call preflop. And I just took it the wrong way sorry dude I guess I was the only one being the DH but thats me sometimes I get like that, I think maybe Keenan is rubbing off on me with his lil whiny bitchy ways when things dont go right for him.....LOL.

Monday, July 24, 2006

What a weekend

Well I went to pops game on Saturday and played the big tourney $200+10 and i played the worst I have played in awhile I mean I just was not with it. I don't know what the hell I was doing I mucked 2 pair which was the best hand because I didn't even realize what I had, I made some really bad calls, and I was just not patient at all. I did make into the top 10 out of 20 but was the 10th one out. I mean I just played very bad the worst I have played in awhile. I think it was E's lighter which was in the cup holder in front of me, you know E has had some bad karma, due to an incident which I will not go into here, and his lighter must of vibed onto me or something LOL just kidding E.

So then on to the 1/2 cash game where Nelly was dealing and there was a lot of action and of lot people catching cards like crazy. This one guy Rocco got hit on the head with deck, I mean every hand I think he hit 2 pair or better and then theirs me I couldn't hit anything every thing I got cards which was rare I had somebody with a better hand. One of my last hands before I took a break was this one - I'm in EP I make 20-25 (cant remember exactly) I get two callers, Rocco (Oh no) and Steve, which makes me think a bit flop comes Js 5c 6c (I'm close but not be exact on the cards but I know it was a 5 and 6 of clubs) I check it, first mistake I should of jammed all in but I still probably lost, Rocco bets like 10 Steve raises to 35 I raise it all in for like 70 more Rocco thinks for a minute and folds 2 pair 5s6s and Steve calls of course he has exactly what I thought he had 2 clubs but hes has a straight flush draw also 7c8c. At this point I know I'm beat and I should of folded to the $35 bet but really didn't think he'd call when I pushed all in, but oh that's right it was a straight flush re-draw so that makes it all right I guess it makes it all right to call a twenty-some dollar bet pre-flop with 7c8c too right. (the only reason I am saying this is because later I make nearly the same call and get a bunch of mouth from Steve, I talk about it later in this post) I can see Roccos call because he was catching cards left and right so why not play a lot of hands. So anyway the turn brings the club and I am done I say nice hand and get up to take a break for awhile I'm stuck like $550.

Well after about an hour or so I decide to sit at the other 1/2 table that's going on its a must move table for main 1/2 game going on I sit with $300 and double up in about 30 mins the table is sick with like $32 preflop straddles and lots of action. Keenans dealing and am getting great cards, I hit a straight flush on one hand. Its a loose table so I'm playing a lil looser but doing pretty good, table breaks after awhile and I wait about another 30mins to get back to the main table. I get back to the main table where Nelly is dealing and its like a bad dream all over again I get no cards, I am beginning to think its Nelly because it seems like whenever she deals I get no cards and i am funny about dealers. So anyway i get in on a few hands and win a few pots but eventually go down to about $350 and really wanted to quit but said screw and played a few more hand because I felt confident I get back close to even like I did in AC when I went down like $450, I seem to be good and making sick ass calls to get back to even, some might call these moves Donkish but oh well its my style when I'm down. So its getting late around 4am I'm tired I'm stuck like $550 and pick up my favorite hand 6d8d and I'm on the rock (a mandantory $4 pre-flop straddle in front of the BB) so I'm last to act. Gypsy Pete calls and this girl (a girlfriend of one of the other players) raises all in for about $58 more and I instantly know what she has because I had been playing with her for awhile at the other table, every time she has a high pocket pair she pushed all in I put her on QQ or JJ because she looked a lil worried when I was thinking about calling. So I think about it for awhile and I think about how much money I have previously won with that specific hand (6d8d in case you forgot) I look up and slam my $58 in pot I call and then Gypsy Pete calls. Then the flop comes Jh 4d 7d wow I think to myself and I just feel the flush is coming so I throw out a small bet which gypsy Pete raises and I instantly say I'm all in and he calls and is all-in pot is like $300+ turn comes 2d money card, river comes blank I say I got a flush and Nelly says well show em in her usual bitchy way like I wasn't gonna show my cards or something, I flip over the good ol' 6d8d and you should of seen the look on the girls face as she shows her QQ as well as everyone else's face. Then the stupid ass comments start to come out about my play, the girl with QQ said some BS ok whatever you are pissed because you lost be a real player and just take it, then some others said some things that really shouldn't of been said in my opinion. Pops say something about my call pre-flop and I say well I guess I'm a donkey ------- comment retracted----------- Then Steve, the guy who was mentioned earlier who made pretty much the same play as me when i had KK, says some bullshit to me which really pissed me off and I him told look I was stuck I like those cards the always win for me, he says some more shit at which point I really wanted to just go off on him but I say look man I have been playing good cards all day and just haven't hit nothing so you really should just keep your mouth shut because you weren't even in the hand, then the chicks boyfriend says some dumb shit about playing cards like that no wonder I'm stuck, yea whatever your just pissed cause your girlfriend lost, so anyway here's a big STFU to all those who commented on my play. Well I got up a few hands later and then Steve says oh what are you mad so now you are gonna leave and I just politely say nope I'm tired and I'm back up close to even I'm leaving. I'm so sick of trying to be nice I think I am just going to go back to my old ways of just speaking my mind. Well I left stuck only about $150 not bad compared to $550.

I really hate when people make rude ass comments about your play I really try not say anything about peoples play regardless of how bad it is, especially when I'm not even in the hand and for those that do I really have no respect for you. Well I'm taking a break for a few days until Wednesday when its back to the Donkey Corral for the Wed night game and then maybe off to AC, we'll see.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I hate limit poker

Well I dont think that I hate it really, I just need to learn how to play limit poker a bit better especially hi/lo because I've mainy focused on NL. Well I went to E's for his 3/6 limit 7 card stud and omaha H/L game. I really dont know how to play stud at all and throw in the H/L and I'm just confused and as for my Omaha H/L skills they need some working on to but I have a better grasp on that game. Well I was doing pretty good up about $100 for the night then I'm in a Omaha H/L pot and I flop a straight with a flush draw showing which I had no part of anyway the turn comes no help for the flush it gets bet I raise and then cap trying to chase out the flush but I guess that wasn't happening river comes Q which completly conterfitted my straight because Keenan had AK of spades which is what I thought he had and I only had a Q high straight so I just call the bet on the river and his donkey ass doesnt even realize what he had because he asks me if I have AK, now I don't know if he really didn't know or he was just fucking with me but I'm inclined to believe he realy didn't know.

Well after that hand my game just went down the drain stuck $275 thats the worst I have done in weeks but I guess it can be expected playing a new game and playing a game I know almost nothing about but I'm still a little disappointed in myself and I really got to shake it off and take it in stride which I will because I have a big NL tourney this afternoon and all the donkeys are coming out of the woodwork to play it so I have to play some of the best poker I have ever played if I want to win this mofo and I have been playing really good tourney poker here lately so lets see if I can keep it up.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Ok well I figured I'd make a full go at live poker, I've been playing online for sometime now and hitting up the occasional home game here and there. So I decided to get away from playing online because I had been doing well and actually made a decent profit of the last few months, so I snatched all my money offline and hit up the home games. First stop The donkey corral about 3 weeks ago, didn't do well but I expected that, just wanted to get the feel and I did. Next stop back to pops tourney haven't been out there in awhile so I figured I'd hit um up and I did and ended up chopping the tourney with pops not too shabby out of 16 players. So that put me back up from weds night. Running pretty good, lets move on.......

Last Wed. Back to The Corral played a solid 8 hours of live poker and as Travis and Keenan would say I kept getting hit in the head with the deck, so I put my helmet on and cashed out about 5x what I bought in for. Nice, so I guess its time to go to AC and man I have been itching to go so I see E talking about going so I hit um up,.... Lets roll and its off to the Trop. I did pretty good up there for my first time I finished off a crazy weekend ahead so that's all that matters and I can't wait to go back. Played 18 straight hours of poker for me that's an all time high and man what a rush I didn't want to stop but my body was telling me otherwise, so I took a nap for a few hours and back to the tables. I think I got about 6 hours sleep in 3 days but from what I hear that's pretty good for A.C. I loved it.

Well on to last night back to The donkey corral for the poker fun feasting on feeeesh. It was a good game, I played well again made some good reads and took down some nice pots. The game broke a little early but I still cashed out about 3x my buy in. Then got to watch E and Nelly play some Guitar Hero on PS2 that was pretty sick looks like another addicting game. Well so far so good, got E's game coming up which is gonna be sick and Pops sweet ass tourney the day after followed by a nice 1/2 game. Untill next time..........

My new poker blog

Well I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and start a blog about my poker experiences, I mean I'm prolly the only person left that hasn't started a blog yet. And so since I'm gonna make a run at this poker thing and see how it works out, I figured I might as well post it all here so I don't bore you all with my crazy stories everytime I see you. Well here goes nothing.