Friday, November 30, 2007

AC and a win, woo hoo!

Wow! Well this post is from a few months back, end of November to be exact. I just remembered I forgot to post it oops! Today is Tues. April 15th if that has any relevance eww hope ya'll did your taxes.

Well its been awhile since I updated this damn thing, mainly because I haven't been playing to much over the past 6 months or so, but I'm back to playing and playing half way decent. So Tuesday after the Monday night 1/2nl game broke Travis, Katie, Andy and I decided to head up to A.C. for a short overnight trip. We picked up a rental car at BWI and we were on our way. Most of you probably read these details already in Trav's blog so you can read it if you haven't already to get some more details.

Travis got the lucky job of being the pilot and I was the navigator, he's a pretty good driver at high speeds that is. Anything under 20mph and you should worry about him being behind the wheel. We get to the infamous wawa on Blackhorse Pike in Jersey and theres some traffic and its raining so its pretty nasty. Pull in to go to wawa and Trav misses the entrance to wawa oh well just turn around, wait not right here theres a..................curb........never mind, glad its a rental. Ok well park over there wow nice parking job needless to say Andy took over for the rest of the trip. LOL

Well we get to AC drop Andy off at the Taj and were going to play there but it was dead, real dead, like 3 tables going dead. So Andy stays so he can play in 300 Stud h/l event and Trav, Katie and I head off to the Gata. Trav drops us off at the poker room and parks the car, gee this Trav guy is like a chauffeur, nice! Katie and I head in and hook up with Trav a few minutes later. Katie takes a seat seat at the 1/2nl table and Trav and I sign up for 2/5nl. We get out seats a few minutes later at the same table uggh. We dont have a full table so its just about 4 of us there and we dont want to play short, 30 seconds later I hear a funny thing come over the loud speaker "5/10 nl seat open TTW" wait those are Trav's initials, wait where did he go, this donkeys going to play 5/10 wow are you serious? Yes he is, ok well a seat opened up at the 2/5 table that was already running and I had first dibs so I hopped up and took it. So the fun begins.

I take the two seat with three stacks of red chips and immediately ask for a seat change. A few hands later the four seat opens and I hop in it. Not too much happens see a few hands win a few lose a few nothing big. Then i pick up a nice hand on the button and make 25 to go with a about 8 limpers i hope to thin the field down by a few. Then the older gent in the BB sticks a stack out there and says raise.....huh! Not this guy again I'm thinking to myself, I've folded some pretty decent hands to this guy early on cause he did this crap a few times earlier. This guy is starting to lurk of BS about 20 red chips full of BS. Folds back around to me 75 more sure what the hell I call, this guy looks at me a lil uneasy, good guess he doesn't have Aces. Flop comes Qd6c7d He fires out another meatball, i have him covered by a few stacks so i just call. Wow this guy is really not happy now guess he's got a Queen, turn rolls off the pretty 5d he looks at me all flustered and sticks another meatball out there I call, I thought he was all in but he had about 10 red chips left behind. River comes off a meaningless 9c board reads Qd6c7d5d9c, guy looks all flustered and starts waving his arms around and huffin and puffin then says "I CHECK" in a I forgot to take my meds this morning voice. I say I'll put you all in he huffs and puffs and groans and rambles some expletives and calls. I table my 8d6d and this guy has a frickin conniption fit. Starts yelling at me "how the hell do you call a $100 bet with 8d6d preflop" blahblahblah I say it wasn't $100 it was only $75 to me he rambles some more yells at me some more and mucks his hand and wonders off talking to himself while scoop in my 700ish pot.

I also chopped the Borgata midnight tourney, which no longer exists, I made a few people walk away talking to themselves during this event also. I chopped it 8 ways I think and we played for a remaining $1K then we got down to 4 and decided to chop the 1K 4 ways, was still a decent lil hit for about 5-6 hours woth of work.

Ate at Bobby Flays, stupid never again will I pay that much for a meal. Yes the food was good but not that good. I honestly could have gone to Maryland's Eastern shore and bought a whole live cow for what I paid for my piece of cow at Bobby Flays. Really I don't hate money that much but I guess you live and learn, thanks Trav real good idea!