Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where'd you go

Nowhere unfortunately, had a whole bunch of plans for the summer but none of them materialized due the fact of all the work I have been putting in to this damn house. Don't get me wrong its a beautiful farm house on 85 acres built in 1903 as per the tax records for MD, but I believe part of the house is a bit older. I am only renting it but worked out a sweet deal with the landlord who is greatly appreciative to have me there after some bad luck with previous tenants. I'd love to buy the place but am not really in a position to do so right now but we'll see maybe in a few years I'll make him an offer.

One of my traits, and I don't know if its a good or bad thing, is that when it comes to doing work I have to do it right and if its not right when I take it apart I have to take it apart more and make it right. Ever seen Holmes on Homes a TV show on the HGTV channel and some other channels related to home improvement, well that's me LOL and some times I wonder why I love to do this kind of work. The few weeks worth of work I intended on doing turned into a few months worth of work because of all band aids over top of band aids that had been put on things by prior tenants and contractors. So I pretty much had to take the whole kitchen/bath/laundry area apart on the 1st floor and start over. Oh what a long strange trip its been.

I've taken pictures all the way through from start to finish and really wish I had the time to let you guys follow my progress as I was working. But putting in 12+ hours a day, not every day but close to it and trying to juggle family life and my everyday chores there just wasn't time sit down and upload pictures and write along the way. I will however be posting all the pictures at once so you can see start to finish and see where I disappeared to for the past few months.

I'm getting back on track though back to the regular grind and I have some things planned in the the next two months one of them being Borgata's poker open in Sept. which I plan on attending and will possibly be selling a portion of my action. I'm a lil rusty so I'll be heading up to AC for a week in August to get some practice in before hand haha and to relax for a week away from everything. Oh and I'm playing Saturdays w/ Dr.Pauly $10 PLO today at 4:20 pm on poker stars if you want to join us just the follow his link for all the info.