Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a quick update

Been kinda busy so I haven't been around to update lately so I just wanted to add a few quick updates. For those of you that like a lil competition our good friend Wayne has has revived the Poker League we all used to know and love on MD-poker. If you are interested in playing check out the link for the MD Donkfest Poker League ,I guess that would be the MDDPL LOL, and come join us every Tuesday for the $5 NL Tourneys on PokerStars If you are looking for some money to buy on there let me know I should be able to accommodate you with a transfer. So what are you waiting for go sign up and join us on Tuesday nights for some Donktastic fun.

Also Trevor the poker player formly known as El Shipo, rumor has it he made is first $1 since his little debacle in Vegas, has been kind enough to start a new forum for all us degenerates. is taking the place of that other place we all used to frequent that is no more. Its a lil bland right now but give it time and it should shape up like a hooker on Friday night. Now go join and get back in on all the local degeneracy.

One last note you all know I won a seat to the PCA in January which is a $10K event, last years winner took home a cool $2,000,000 USD. I'm thinking of selling shares of myself somewhere in the 0.50% - 1.0% range if you think you might be interested let me know I'll post up the details soon.