Friday, August 11, 2006

2006 WSOP Final Table

I decided to order the pay per view broadcast of the 2006 wsop final table last night around 8pm. I didn't even know it was being carried by comcast because I had been looking for it but didn't see anything advertised, but then found it at the last minute last night. I wasn't sure what to expect or even if it would be worth it but figured what the hell. Its not like I was doing anything anyway other then wishing I was playing poker somewhere.

So I ordered the event around 8 pm, watched a solid 3 hrs and took a short nap till about 2am. When I got up there was still about 7 players left and the action was so so. The play got a little slow after it got down to 5 players and was a little boring, thank god Phil Gordon was announcing because he kept me laughing and some what interested. I mean the play was good but being a tournament player myself I just saw some big errors in the shorthanded play which could of had a drastic affect on the game. There were hardly any continuation bets, bets for value, or real good reads and these guys were playing so repetitive it was ridiculous. The last 3 guys weren't making any real good plays, reads, or picking up on some obvious tells that I noticed. But I can only imagine how nervous they were playing for that much money at the final table of the WSOP's main event. Anyway I kept watching all the way till it ended around 7am and the new world champ was crowned. And if you didn't already know, it was Jaime Gold who took down the last hand with Qc9c when he flopped top pair and got Warsicka to call his all in with a pocket pair 10 10. Congratulations to Jaime Gold who is the new world champion of poker and is 12 million dollars richer.

This was the first time ever the final table has been broadcast live and you ask was it worth it? I say yes for 25 bucks it was worth it, even though you couldn't see the cards. It was great to just watch them play and watch them bring out all that money when it got down to the final two players. Phil Gordon and the other guy Ali something (cant remember his last name) did a great job announcing and playing roshambo (rock, paper, scissors) for $100 a pop with their guests in the broadcast cast booth. Good show, the best without actually being there live. I do look forward to seeing the edited version though, with the hole cams, so I can see if some of my reads were correct.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The week in review

Tues night poker
Well I started the week off fairly well at Jeffs game on Tuesday night. Started off kinda of slow but turned into a sick ass game with lots of action. Alex was there and so was a few other high rollers so that upped the action a bit. I mean a lot it was real sick people throwing car keys into the pot, that's sick. No one ended up gambling their car away but it was close.

I was doing well, up about $800 then I get pocket 10's and Eddie who has about $1200 in front of him says he's got pocket rockets and re-raises me $120. He had been playing real loose and bluffing a lot and I didn't believe him, so I give it the all information bet, all in I say, whoops. He calls and he wasn't bluffing he had pocket rockets bye bye $800, ship it I say nice hand and suck it up with respect and walk away. Oh well he gave me $50 walking money which I thought was cool of him I guess it pays to have respect and not act like an idiot when you ship your $800 stack.

So I was sitting around waiting for E cause he was dealing and the table gets down to about 4 players, so Alex asks me to jump in, I say loan me $200 and I will and he did, cool thanks. So I run the $200 up to about $600 and give Alex back his $200 and walk away with a small profit.

Weds night at the coral
Well not much to talk about same ol donkey coral Heh heh. You know what that means lots of action, a few hands stick out here's one, Pops picks up AA in EP raises it to 10 Paul ups it to 60 and E repops it 120 so Pops goes all in for 60 more and Paul folds and of course E calls. Which I think was the correct call I mean he's calling 60 to win 400ish pre-flop. So anyway E has JJ against pops AA all in pre-flop and E bangs a J on the river to take it down and pops was pissed and on tilt the rest of the night. I still dont think pops is over that "horrible suckout" as he calls it....LOL that's poker.

Well on to one of my hands, I'm down on the night about $500ish I got about $180 in front of me and I'm on the rock well Nishant raises it up to about $12 and I call blind, I haven't looked at my cards yet. Flop comes out 393 and Nishant says "well I have to do this I'm all in" I say "man you know I haven't looked and my cards yet lets see what I'm gonna wake up to" and I look at my cards, wow look what that is under there a 3 and a 6 what a monster I call and flip em up, Nishant has JJ and doubles me up. Oopsie.

Well I ended up getting back up to even on the night and I really have to stop going stuck large amounts just to win cause one day I'm not gonna come back and that will just suck. But this week it seems that's the only way I could win, enough of that.

Friday night pink chip game at E's
I've said it before and I'll say it again I hate limit ahhhhhhhhh. Although its fun. I played well early on and was up about a meatball but then went card dead and went on tilt, ended up stuck about $250. Blahhhhhhhhh. It was fun and I'm sure I'll be back even though I've never left E's game on the + side or even for that matter, I really got to break that streak.

Weekend uh oh put your seat belt on
Saturday night I give E a call to see what's clickin and Travis' Pot limit game was a no go. So we decided to go play Rob's game, which I have never played before. So I scoop up E and off to Robs we go. On the way up there I mention something about going to AC and it sounded like a good idea but we kept our plans and headed to Robs.

We get there around 8:30ish and I have to wait a few minutes for a seat I hop in the game while E is still waiting and I go broke in about an hour as usual WTF, so I rebuy another $150 in for about $300 now. I pick up KK in LP I got one raise and re-raise in front of me so I push all in. I get 2 callers flop comes rags EP pops out $100 bet which was good cause the other guy folded and he had AK turn comes A and river a rag. I take it down with the K's.

I take a short break and go out for a smoke E, Ryan, and some other folks are outside and I tell them about the hand and E says cool well lets go to AC now, hmmmmm. I go back in and play a few more hands contemplating on weather or not to go and I just didn't want to hit and run my first time at Robs. Rob asks me if I wanted to cash out and roll and another guy says shit man you'll be there by 1:00am I say screw it cash out up $120 and its off to A.C.

Trop here we come
And we are off to the Tropicana which is now my second home. I drive up and it seemed like it took forever cause we were so anxious to get there but we got there about 1:30am and I took a seat with $200 checkers. It was a slow start and I told myself I was playing solid no matter what, no re buys solid poker only. So I'm chillin checking out the table not playing many hands, I have a donkey to my right playing garbage and going all in talking about how broke he is and he needs to get back but he keeps rebuying, cool cha-ching I think to myself. And I have a real solid player to my left with about $600 in front of him, I'll stay out of his way and everyone else is mediocre probably couldn't be at a better table.

OK a little while later I have about $180ish in front of me and the donkey to my right goes all in for about $100 in or so in EP hmmm I'm in MP and look down and wake up to JJ cool I think a bit cause I hate Jacks and its either push all in over top or fold. So I push all in everyone folds to LP he asks me what I have and I say paint and he calls. He asks if I have a pair after he calls cause he does he says a little pair, I say good cause I got a big pair. The kid on my right has 10 7 off LOL woopsie. I bang a J on the flop and the other guy who has 10 10 is drawing dead after the turn brings a Q and I take down a nice $400+ pot. That table breaks so I move on to another table with 2 other players.

This table is little sticky so I stick to my guns and keep playing solid. I pick up a nice hand to a $20 raise pre-flop I'm in MP and I call flop comes out 10 8 6 rainbow it gets checked around 4-5 players I think. Turn brings a Kd 2 diamonds on the board now checked around to LP who throws out a $50 bet but really thought he was trying to take it down right there and he didn't want any callers and I have about 17 outs so I take a gamble and call. Well before the river comes out the kid who bet is playing with $60 in chips in front of his cards and the dealer says that's a bet I warned you before stick your chips out there, wow what a break for me. I go along with it the kid and his buddy get all shitty with the dealer and I say call the floor over and they shut up. So the river comes 7 which was one of my outs I got the nuts and its $60 to me, I think for a minute and say all in, I really wanted the kid to think I was putting a move on him and call but he shows a 7 says I don't think you have shit and folds, I muck my cards and take down a nice pot. Up about $775 and make a loose call with 45d pre flop catch 2 draws on the flop and invest about $250 total into the pot and loose to the A-hole who slo rolls me with A9d nut flush, he says what you got I say flush he says nut flush and turns up his cards, I say nice hand (thinking f-u A-hole) and don't play another hand till the table breaks.

Table breaks I see E who is getting brutally murdered and he says come sit at my table OK I say and take a seat. I sit down with about $500ish and take a gamble with KQ clubs I raise pre-flop I get 2 callers and I'm in LP flop comes 10c 2d 8c first to act bets his standard $50 bet other repops it to $100 I'm thinking as I usually do, first guy probably has top pair, second guy maybe an over pair possibly a set. So I decide to gamble and push all in, I have them both covered but not by much. First guy folds, second guy calls, I get no help and he shows pocket 2's for a set, shitsky he takes half my stack. Oh well nice hand.

I'm back about even, but I'm having fun this table is live everybody is laughing and joking around having a good time. I'm hovering around even and the table slows down a bit, 2 guys leave and some new players sit down. It's about 10:30am and this guy comes from a broken table and sits down with about 4 racks of checkers 3 racks of red = $1500 one rack with 4 rows of red and one row of green = $900 total of $2400 wowie and he was on fire boy. A couple people complained but those are the rules if you come from a broken table of the same limits you can sit with what you left the other table with.

So everyone tightens up playing premium hands and this guy is playing every hand and taking pots down, I mean don't get me wrong he was getting good cards. But he was hitting with the rags too it was sick. Well I'm sitting there like shit I'm leaving screw this, but then said to myself lets play this guy a little different, so I started playing trash hands 107, J2, K4, stuff like that and most of the time it was just me and him in the pot and I was taking him down, he was beating everyone at the table but me and after a few hands he realized this. He was a nice guy, Tommy a local guy from our area VA. I think, so I asked him "your calling everyone else's all ins and giving them action why not me?" He says I can't beat you, what I say "come on man". He gives me a little more action but not much and I get up around $300.

Then ol' Blue comes and sits down at our table, oh what fun. Blue used to play with us at the Donkey Coral on Wednesdays but no longer joins in all the donkey fun. So the fun starts, I immediately start heckling him trying to put him on tilt because he loves to talk trash but this time I started it and it worked I get in a few hands with him, first one he raises I call flop comes out 8 10 Q I check he bets, I call, turn 7 he says "what do you have left over there", I say "this much" and stick my stack out there, all in to him. Oooh he wasn't expecting that but it was the perfect move cause he thought for a minute trying to figure out what I had and folded, and I take down a nice pot. Now he's irritated and tilted a bit we go back and forth talking trash and I say "Blue you gonna let me break you like I did at Travis's game" hehe that pissed him off real good he started going off I'll play you heads up any day, "you wanna play me heads up" I say "sure" He says "floor" I say "just not today" LOL I have to roll out in a few. Last hand he raises big I call flop comes 10d 2c 9d I fire out $25 he's like what I got AA I say then you are good call me, he says "yeah whatever" and thinks a little while and folds I say "what, Blue you scared to play me now".......He goes on a rant blah blah blah LOL it was great.

So I get up around 1:00pm up about $145 after about 10 hrs of play 12 hrs but I took quite a few extended breaks in between play. We roll out and E muscled the 5 hour drive home cause the traffic was horrible, thanks dog. I get home around 5:30ish and get some well needed rest. Well until next time.

Jay I hope my punctuation and grammar is up to par for you if not F YOU! Hookd on foniks werkd 4 me..... LOL