Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On My Way to the PCA

Well after some deliberation I have decided to go ahead and sell a portion of my action in the PCA Main Event. The buy in is $9700.00 + $300.00 for a total of $10,000.00. I will be selling shares of my action in 1% increments and up, so 1% = $100.00 and if I cash and you bought 1% you would get your $100.00 back plus 1% of my profits. My profits of course are any anything above the buy-in amount. I have put a cap at only selling 50% of my action, probably won't get that many but just in case I want to make it known. Also since this is such a large buy in tournament in the event I cash for a large sum you will be responsible for paying the taxes on your portion of winnings and I will have an accountant to handle any such payouts, just so everything is handled professionally and there are no disagreements.

If you are interested I will take PayPal transfers and cash and will be available everyday until Sunday when I leave. In the event you can't get up with me by then as long as I have a PayPal transfer by 11:00am on Tues Jan 6th 2009 you will be good. If you are interested or have any questions shoot me an e-mail at fivefingerz(at)gmail(dot)com or give a me a call or text. If you want to paypal me my email for paypal is rpuleojr(at)yahoo(dot)com

I will be leaving for the Bahamas on Sunday January 4th 2009 my flight leaves out of National at 8:30am and I will be there for a week. I start the tournament on day1B which is Tuesday January 6th 2009. You can view the player lists if you have PokerStars software and go to the lobby/events/PCA/qualifers my screen is Fivefigerz and I am listed under day1B. You can also follow all the action live on eptlive.com or from the PokerStars Blog which Pauly from the Tao of Poker will be writing for.