Sunday, September 24, 2006

What was I thinking

Well I haven't posted in awhile, mainly because I havent been playing that much. About a week ago I played at E's and made a nice little profit. Then Wed it was off to the Donkey Coral where I did pretty decent.

Well I have been playing really well lately and have been wanting to go up to AC and play in the USPC at the Taj. So I decided to jump in the $500+$50 event on Sat. Well I get up there around 10 am and get registered then I wander around for awhlie. I was a little nervous because I've never really played this big of a tournament before and I let that become more of an issue then I should have.

So I get to my table around 11:00 just in time to catch my first hand. I sit down at my table and there are still a few empty seats I see a few hands and am playing fairly tight. A few minutes later this asian guy sits down and I am thinking I know him from somewhere, oh I do know him, from TV hes a pro, great. I think it was Truan Le not sure though he had a legends of poker jacket on from the The Bicycle casino in CA. So anyway I look around and whos at the table next to me? Men "the master" and then I see his whole crew is there with there little Men the master jackets and hats on, wow that was pretty neat. That didnt bother me to much I was still playing half way decent. Then I got in a few hands I shouldn't have been in and was down to about 1500 in chips out of 5000 I started with Pushed all in with A5 suited on this kid who was playing a little loose and had raised, he called with KJ and my Ace held and I doubled. I caught about 4 great hands after that and ran my stack up to about 6500 and chilled out, back to tight mode.

Well into the second round I just wasn't feeling comfortable at all and I couldn't get in that tournament mode plus I was feeling tired because I didnt get enough rest the night before. I look up at the tournament screen and I see the payouts listed and first place pays 60K, the top 5 win over 10K and the top 38 people get paid. That really did something to me mentally I dont know what he hell happened after that. I just started playing really bad. I played so horrible throughout the next hour and half I didnt even make it to the first break. I just got so off my game thinking about making it to the money. I got shortstacked down to like 1700 and should of just sat back and waited or got up and took a walk, it was only like 10 mins till the first break. But no I get 99 on the button with 4 limpers and decide to stick my stack in. The kid in the BB calls with JJ flop comes J 10 8 and I have a draw but the turn brings another 8 and I'm finished.

I really am really pissed at myself because I have cashed in a few tourneys up there and I know I can play way better then that. So I came home early which was probably the best thing for me. I got a good nights sleep and know what mistakes I made so I think I'm ready to give it another shot. I think I may head back up later on today, get a room and play in mondays event.