Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My ummm Annual post.... with hopefully more to come!

Wow wtf you blink and a year goes by like it wasn't even there. I guess thats what getting older does to you, that and everything starts sagging. Well for those that still may catch these when I post. I took some time off from poker, kinda had to. Good investment went bad, bad relationship got worse and the next thing you know you find yourself looking back wondering where time went like I am now with this blog. Finding it hard to believe its been almost a year since I made a post and almost 5 years since I started this thing.

From now on if I post it probably wont be about poker, I am still playing though. More on a recreational basis and there's a slim possibility I'm taking baby steps back to playing full time again. I mean with the crack down on on-line poker and our freedoms being taken away from us little by little and all, there might be an influx of good games in the B&M's again. Soooo you might see me back around here and there.

If I post it will be about real life stuff. Like sustainable living, and other stuff like waking up the people of this country that's slowly going down the tubes. People are just so caught up now days that no one realizes what this country was built on anymore. People forget that this country was built on Freedom, the right to be FREE, The GOD given right to be FREE! And not be held down by some tyrannical monarchy or dictatorship, but people take a look at what we have created or at what we have let happen. Its turning into what our forefathers were running away from, but lordy its a trillion times worse. And where are we going to run to?? Wake up People and stand up for your God given right as an American citizen to be free, speak freely and most importantly think freely.

Ok thats my patriotic speech for the week hope it helped. If you all want to get educated on some other real issues check out Dr. Pauly's Tao of Fear