Wednesday, June 13, 2012

43rd Annual WSOP Package

I plan on heading out to Vegas on the 3rd of July and staying through the 9th to hopefully play the Main Event if things go well. I've put together a package to hopefully make enough to buy a seat into the Main and I'm looking for some backing on the events I have planned. The Main Event is not part of this package but you will have an option to buy shares of the Main Event if I make enough to play in it. Those that know me know I'm honest, responsible, I'm not into partying, drinking etc. when I go out there it is to play poker and win and that's what I will be focusing on. If you don't know me and would like some references feel free to email me. The total cost of the events listed below is $2650.00 plus a small markup of 1.132 or a little over 10% to help with some travel expenses, food, etc. The package I have put together looks like this:

Thursday July 5th Event #59B   -  $1000.00
Mega Satellite to Main Event*   -    $550.00
Mega Satellite to Main Event*   -    $550.00
Mega Satellite to Main Event*   -    $550.00

*I will spread the satellites out across my trip playing one on the 4th and the rest after Event #59 I will show proof of buy in for all events via pictures on twitter @FiveFingerz

Total cost of package is $2650.00 x 1.132 mark up = $3000.00

Here is a link to the spreadsheet I will be selling in increments of 1% = $30.00 / 5% = $150.00 / 10% = $300 etc.

I will be selling between 50%-65% of my play in this package. I will accept paypal, cash, check, bank transfer. All payments must be received prior to July 2nd 2012. Or in person in Vegas before I play my first event.

I will be playing all three satellites regardless of cashing in the first one or two, in the event I make enough to play in the the Main Event anyone who invested in this package will have the option to buy shares of my Main Event buy in with no markup or have profits returned to you. (*Disclaimer*) Also if there are any taxes due you will receive a 1099 and will be responsible for paying the tax on your portion of winnings.

If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to email me - fivefingerz at gmail dot com. Or send me a DM on Twitter @FiveFingerz

Thanks for taking a look and/or investing in me.