Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bad Run or just plain Bad Luck

Ever been beat up? If you have then you know how I feel. The past week has just been brutal on me, live and online. I sarted playing online again and it started out well but went downhill from there, I'll get to that in a minute. Yea I know I said I wasn't playing online anymore, but I am a glutton for punishment.

So I started out the week at Steve's 200+20 tourney which had a great structure, a great turnout (30 people), and was an all aroud great tournament. I started out well but had Pdogg at my table and honestly didn't want to tangle to much with him. As luck would have it almost every time I got in a hand who was in it with me? Yup Pdogg. Well my hands weren't getting there and my head wasn't in the game so I ended up out in round 2.

Then Tues. night I decide to head up to Robs 1/2 NL game after we took the kids trick or treating. I started out ok there but then got stacked and rebought. The very next hand I lay down the best hand to a raise and reraise when I flopped the bottom end of a straight. Guess I gave to much credit to the players here. After that lay down I was sick and it was all down hill from there.

On to Friday night where I played E's 5/10 limit HOE with a half kill to make it a 7.50/15. Its the pink chip game played with all pink chips which have a value of 2.50 each. For those that havent played it I urge you to give it a try. Its so much fun because everyone looses all concept of how much they are playing with due to the fact of betting in incriments of chips, 2 chips raise to 4 chips, not dollar amounts. Such a sick game. They decided to throw in pineapple in place of hold-em its fun I guess. Needless to say I got brutalized. It started early when I flopped a straight and Katie rivered a boat in Pineapple. Then I got beat by Quads, not once but twice, once in omaha H/L when I made Aces full and once in pineapple when the dealer stuck it in me! WTF??????? Who gets beat by quads twice within two hours. Thanks Trav! Anyway not long after that I was done and sickened so I decided to call it quits, for how long I dont know.

Online hasn't been any better, I was off to a good start and then within two days I was back down to where I started. Its not like I was playing badly, I was playing fairly well. I just had a few hands where I got my money in with he best hand and my opponet would catch a good river, or turn, or both in more then one occasion to beat me. Online play is so bad in most cases its hard not to make money online, you just have to avoid the bad beats. Unfourtunately for me I walk right into them.

I guess its just bad luck who knows. One thing I do know is that weds night will be the last time you see me at the regular poker games for awhile. Not sure how long possibly untill the new year. I need to build up a real bankroll that will allow me to play at differant limits. When I am confident I have enough to start playing again I'll be back. Untill then I'll keep this blog updated with random non-sense. Ricky Bobby out!