Sunday, June 22, 2008

Prop Bets, Hookers, and Getting Unstuck oh no!

Went to AC this week with Keon, we left got up there on Weds morning and spent the day at the Borgata with Eric. I had a nice day crushing the 1/2NL there and then decided to go ship most of my winnings and then some on table games, when I ran into Jesse Y and his boy Ryan. Woo hoo! Actually the first part of the table games went well, well enough to eat some great food at Homestead steakhouse at the 'Gata. It was the second session that went bad, should of quit after dinner and went to bed like I said I was gioing to do. Played the 400+50 event on Thurs and had some bad hands which I won't discuss 'cause I don't like telling my bad beat stories on here. Went out after the first break, boo!

Later on Thursday afternoon headed over to Harrah's to get my room and check in, Harrah's is a really nice place and I enjoy staying there if you get a chance to stay there I recommend it. I had to split up my rooms between harrah's and showboat on Thurs and Fri cause I waited till the last minute to make reservations, it worked out well though.

Poker didn't go to well on Thurs so I took a minimum loss of $140 for the day and Keon and I decided it was time to do some drinking so we headed over to the Exhibition Bar at Harrah's. Eric joined us to drink a few beers and then we starting wondering around making stupid prop bets, which I lost most of. One of which was how many hookers are sitting at the bar at 3am on a Thurs night. The over under was 4 I said under, Keon says over. We make it half way around the bar and the count is at 6 wow I loose. Who'da thunk it at harrah's of all places maybe they were having a meeting, cause of all the times I've been in that bar at that time I've never seen that many I thought my bet was a lock. I should of known better to make a bet about hookers with Mr. Craigslist.

Ok well its been quite an entertaining trip so far I'm having lots of fun and its going to continue. So we decide to play some table games, Eric is stuck a couple hundo and says he wants to get unstuck playing table games....ummm ok. Lets play BJ so we all sit down at the BJ table things are going ok and then things go terribly wrong. Dealer showing a 6, a break card, I have J5 for 15, Eric has 10 10 for 20 and Keon has split Aces. I stay Eric asks me what he should do I tell him stay you never split tens plus the dealer has a break card. He's says well I think I should split them, I say wow what the hell did you ask me for then. Eric goes on to pull another 10 and split that also, ends up pulling six 10 cards out and pretty much ruins the shoe, Keon split his aces and would have had two 21's had Eric not been a dumbass but instead gets two low cards and the dealer of course hits 21 in three cards. Nice Job sir!

Ok I decide I've had enough after that hand, besides the shoe was good until then I can't stand to loose anymore and I'm about even. I get up and go play the stupid game that is Texas Hold 'Em Bonus. I'm sitting there up a lil bit and Keon and Eric tell me Eric is going to the Roulette table to get even since Eric has devised a foolproof way to get unstuck playing Roulette and explains it to me. I hand Keon a lighter and say here use this instead, Keon says whats this for good luck, I say no he looks at me confused until I light the lighter and he says ohhhhh! hahaha. Well they go over the Roulette table and Eric sticks $400 on black, comes up red, so he puts $800 on black, comes up red, then he puts $1600 on black, guess what hits? You got it red, then guess what he does? He puts $3200 on black, at this point he can not make another bet cause the table max is $5000 and the floor person is kinda looking at him like he's a little crazy and maybe not the brightest kid in the world. Well he hits black and wins $6400. I've done some not so bright things and gotten lucky but this kid needs to go play the lottery.

They come back to my table and slam $6K on the table like he just won that much. I kinda look at him confused and they explain the story to me and I say oh ok so you just risked $6K to win $400 nice hit fish. And they tell me I'm a degenerate at table games......Hahaha ok! On a side note I finished my Texas Hold 'Em Bonus session up a couple of hundo after catching several Bonus hands and I rolled out.

So on to Friday we move ourselves over to the Showboat for a nice comped Friday night room and get checked in. We relax a lil bit and go grab some food, Showboat not the greatest place to eat by the way. Food was ok it filled our bellies so we weren't complaining.

Later on that night I decide to play a small tourney at the Showboat just to chill and get back in the swing of things. Keon heads over to the Taj and Eric went to Caesars I think. I bust out of the tourney and head over to the Taj to find Keon and there he is playing 1/2 NL and theres a seat open right next to him. He tells me I should sit, so I do cause the table is full of old guys that have no clue. We have an older gent to Keons right and an Israeli guy who speaks broken english to my left, they both are listening to Keon and I talking nonsense and ask you guys friends or you just meet, I say oh we met at the Gay Parade, you should of seen the looks...... The old guy taps Keon on the shoulder and says hey is your buddy really a fruitcake, hahaha and the Israeli guy asks me you guys really "the gays" for a second time I say no I was joking, and reply why are you so interested and why do you keep asking me that. They figured out that we were just joking around and having a good time so they joined in until I ran them off, Sorry Keon.

Ok on to some poker, so this table is really soft and I manage to run over it sitting on a lil over $500 at one point. The Israeli guy likes to jam pots with pot sized bets and I get in a hand with him when I'm the BB and I raise to $11 and he immidiately makes it $35 folds back around to me maybe one caller I can't recall. I say to him I think I know what you have and call. I put him JJ AK or possibly 10 10. Flop comes 6s7s8d I say wow that was an unfortunate flop for you and I check he fires out $75 I insta move all in. He says how much, now earlier in the night he says my hand was shaking when I made a bet so he knew I had a 7 when there were two 7's on the board, he was wrong. This leads up to how I count my chips out for him, I stick my chips out there and count them out purposely violently shaking my hand. I have about $225, $150 more to call, He folds, racks up the $200 he has left and leaves, woops. I had As9s in case you all were wondering.

I chase off a few more fish and a few more sit down Keon says I made the loosest guy at the table in the 1 seat saran wrap his chips, which Keon says is an understatement. This guy was playing every hand all the way to the river was sitting on about $400ish. I see a flop with the rest of the table pretty much the norm on the night. Flop was 8 high checked to me I lead out and get called several ways. turn is a 10, I lead out again for $15 one seat makes it $30 ok so you have 10 8 I call river is a Q ding ding ding and I move all in for about $125 and the one seat insta calls and slams down 10 8, no good sir i have Q8 bring that pot over here. Needless to say the guy doesn't play to loose after that hand.

I do well after that hand untill I do what I have done so well in a few sessions over the past few weeks, twice in the past few days. I get in into a pot with the only person at the table who has almost as many chips as me. I play QQ horribly on the turn after a J high flop which I led out on $25 and got called 5 ways. Needless to say I put the guy at risk for his whole stack and he almost folded, I think, till I opened my big mouth and about 5 mins later he called with a flopped set of 4's, what the hell was he waiting for, guess he was playing with his rent money or judging by the size of his wife it might have been her money. I'd be scared to loose her money too!

I'm a little upset now and Eric comes over to the table says he's going to play 2/5 I think thats a good idea cause I'm stuck and thats a good way to get even. I go get on the list and get seated at Eric's table which is unfortunate. I sit with $400 add on for $100 a lil while later and am sitting with about $600ish and get into a hand with the older Asian gent that called me down earlier when I raised from the button, just to see my hand , I had trip dueces with Q2. sets up this hand nicely, I raise to $20 from LP Asian guy makes it $175 to go folds around to me, one guy left to act between myself and old Asian guy. OAG (old asian guy) says I have $198 left I say ok well I'm all in guy in between us folds, OAG says you have Q2 again I say no he says you let me keep my dollar on my cards I say sure he calls and says you have Aces I say nope KK and show him. He waits till the river, actually a few seconds after the river to slow roll his flopped set of 9's and say ship it I say nice hand and get up with about $250 and some change, cause I'm heated and don't want to ship it.

About 30 mins later I text Eric and ask him to tell me when a seat opens cause I want to get my money back from OAG. He tells me OAG shipped it all back, well thats good my moneys still on the table and I don't have to worry about battling with someone I'm gunning for cause that never works out. I go back to get in the 2/5 NL game and have to get on the list, I somehow manage get the same seat back at the same table wow cool. Erics still there and the table has changed a litlle bit, much stronger now with some deepstacks I'll have to change my game up. I buy in for $500 and take a seat, things go very well and up to about $700 and I'm playing my "A" game by far.

I get into a hand with Eric where he raises from MP and I call along with one other, flop A75 it gets checked around turn is a 9 checked to me I bet $60 and I take it down with pocket 8's which I didn't have to show. Well Eric thinks I'm screwing around and doesn't like the fact that I called his raise and took the pot down with a bet on the turn. Keon and I are outside and Eric comes out and says to me i'm lucky he didn't call cause made a pair on the flop, I said you didn't have an ace so I obviously had the best hand. He says yea ok keep doing that and I'm going to stack you. Oh ok you want to do battle now sir? Let me get out my horsey, jousting pole and armor, I tell him I will take him to school he does not back down and disagrees. Cool this will be fun I love a challenge, its all fun and games to me a lil friendly rivalry.

A litlle while later Eric gets into a huge hand with this guy and puts him all in on the turn, the guy calls river rolls off and Eric just throws his hand down in front of him as to muck his cards and says to the guy you win. The dealer never takes his cards, the other guy also throws his cards in and the dealer doesn't touch his cards either but is getting ready to push the pot to the other guy when Eric says what did you have and the guy turns over 10 8 for 10 high a busted OESD. Eric reaches out turns his hand over and says i have the same hand. I say to the dealer those hands are live and its a split pot. He says Eric folded I say you never mucked the cards and Eric tabled his own hand which was clearly retrievable. Everyone at the table disagrees the floor is called over but the dunbass dealer has already pushed the pot to the other guy. I explain the situation to the floor and everyones at the tables says yea but he folded so he calls over the floor supervisor. Eric and the dealer explain what happened and the supervisor declares both hands live and to split the pot. Ship it back buddy, dealer splits up the guys chips which was easy cause he was all in, guy has the chips all stacked up and everything. He gets all pissy and throws all the chips back in the middle. Whatever it was a good ruling by the floor and and error on the dealers part. Dealer should have mucked the hands like he was supposed to.

Moving on later in the night/morning I have about $1K in front still playing gooooot and Eric has about $500ish and raises from EP to $20 after a limper and it folds around to me on the button I call. SB, BB, and limper fold flop comes out KJ4 two spades Eric bets $20 into a $55ish pot I just call. Turn is a 10c Eric leads out $50 into roughly a $100 pot and I make it $175 to go he just smooth calls at this point I have no clue what he has but I'm thinking either TPTK or top two. River is a red 6 I think It really doesn't matter, Eric checks to me and I bet $200 I tell him to fold AK is no good and top two are no good, he gives me a speech about how he doesn't think he can fold and he can't put me on a hand. Then tries to figure out what I have and says how it would be pretty messed up if I called his $20 flop bet with AQ......umm ok. I tell him to fold I have him beat he says he can't and calls.

I table my hand and say I have the nuts AQ turned broadway. He tables pocket 4's for a flopped set, wow looks like you were trying to trap me and it didn't work out so well. He gets up tells me how dirty I did him and how at least he doesn't try to take his friends money. Guy in the 10 seat says you want me to get your buddy a tissue. I look over at Keon, whos sitting at the table behind us and say I just stacked Eric, I thought it was kinda funny since he said he was gonna get me earlier, and Keon and I both have a chuckle. I mean its all fun Eric's my boy and we've all done it to each other, but Eric really takes it to the next level here.

A little while later Keon and I get up and decide to call it a night I mean its only 7am and I have about $1.4K in front so its time to go before I get tired and sloppy and ship it all back. So we are heading back to the room and bump into E who was getting some shut eye in our room with Billy since they had just came up for the night. E said what happened to Eric I think he left I heard him come in a grab his suitcase and roll out. Keon texts him and Eric says he just needed to go for a walk so he asks him if wants to grab some breakfast that I was treating. Eric says he lied he was on a bus heading really. E says damn man you made the poor kid leave AC I ain't never seen that happen before. I'm real sorry I hurt his feelings but damn its poker and he wanted to battle, I mean if you can't take getting stacked by your friends how you gonna handle getting stacked by a complete stranger.

All in all it was one of the best trips to AC I have ever had. I had a lot of fun even though I ended the trip in the red, and I look forward to a summer filled with more trips like this. Oh yea and Keon decided to tell E and I how he likes the lingham massage. Nice hit sir!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heading back to AC

Heading back to AC to play in the Borgata Poker Open, went up last week and played in a couple events. I didn't do to well cause I wasn't really in tournament mode mainly because I haven't played any large field tournaments recently. I have been mostly focusing on my cash game play lately, so over the past few days I have been brushing up on my tourney skills and hopefully it will pay off.

Since I have been playing a lot of tourneys lately and plan on playing a lot more, I have made a decision that if I cash in any of the large field events I will donate a percentage of my winnings to Breast Cancer Research and awareness on behalf of my mom mainly. She recently overcame breast cancer but without the research and development of new drugs and procedures she most definitely would not be here with us today. I haven't decided who I will donate to yet, I'm going to talk that over with mom first and let the choice be hers. As far as the percentage it will probably be in the 5% - 10% range of my winnings.

On a end note I'm watching this movie called Music Within its based on a true story and its a great movie, I highly recommend you watch it when you get a chance.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Can't play the WSOP events, but want to.

Well if you can't play any of the WSOP events, either cause you don't have the loot or can't get out Vegas I have a solution. My buddy Travis is looking for backers for event #38 the $2ooo Pot Limit Hold'em event, if you'd like to live vicariously through him check out his backer page here, he's selling shares for as little as $2.08 per share. If you buy some shares just leave a comment telling him Ricky Bobby sent ya, yes its a shameless plug for the tell a friend bonus.

I hope he does well he missed cashing in event #13 $1500 NL Hold'em only by a few spots. He got it all in with AA vs. 10 10 and the guy four flushed him, so gross. Well check out his page even if you can't buy any shares. Theres also an update page if you want to follow along while he's playing the event, he posts to the blog through his cell phone to keep everyone up to par with live updates. Pretty neat what you can do with technology in this day and age.