Thursday, April 24, 2008

The kiddie game is down the street sir......

Decided to venture out to a local 2/5 game last night, not too bad but more like a 1/2 game on steroids. Average buy in was about 250 couple of 300's couple of 200's and a couple of min buys. Action was fairly decent, I ran my original buy in of 300 up to a lil over 600 and then got into one hand with SBJ that I had no business being in and ended up giving him about 150 for no reason. I know he can't fold top pair so I should of just folded on the flop. Then got down to about my original buy in of 300 and ran top two into a rivered straight against Mr. overbet. Which will set up my next story quite nice.

I rebuy $200 and mount my comeback win few hands uncontested then pick up K10 on the button flop comes out 10 2 4 MP bets I raise he calls. turn 7 Non flushy board MP leads out $75 I'm all in for $150 more he insta calls and another 4 falls off on the river. He didn't like that 4, Sorry sir your great hand which was 10 2 is no good and I scoop about a 600ish pot. Now on to Mr.Overbet, I laid a few hands down to Mr. Overbet early on untill I figured out his style. His style = Top pair is the uber nutz and I check raise, when I'm drawing I call call call. So I'm UTG+1 Mr.overbet is UTG and puts out a $10 straddle and is sitting on about $1300 I look down at a decent hand and make it $25 to go 3 callers including Mr.Overbet. Flop comes J 7 4 two clubs checked to me I bet $50 into $100 pot two callers including Mr.overbet. Turn brings a red 9

*Edit I really need to start proof reading a lil better I originally posted the turn was a red 7 it was not. It was 9d to be precise*

check to me again Pot is about $250 And I pick up what I thought was 6 green chips and throw um in, whoops only 5 greens so its $125 to go and I have about $450 behind, fold around to Mr. Overbet. He then goes in the tank for about 5 mins and I was about to call time on him when He says raise and instantly says all in.... Huh I say I know there is no way you have 10 8 I call. River brings a 3 of clubs, made me throw up a lil and I say did you get there and he tables QJ I say no good and Table my monster that is one pair 'o Jacks Ace Kicker and scoop a nice 1300 ish pot. Mr. Overbet says how do you make that call.....nice call, TY Sir. SBJ looks at me like he saw a ghost and says Ricky Bobby you are sick sir.

About an hour later I cash out a lil over a dime and go home early. Had a nice 2K swing in two days so I decided it was time to go home and get some well needed rest for once. Me and the fish who is E might head up to AC this weekend to play in the Borgata Satellite to the 500K guaranteed. If anyone else is heading up let us know.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shove and Pray

Its seems to be a commonly practiced form of poker these days. In alot of these smaller buy in tourneys in AC its what ya gotta do if your short stacked and sometimes if your not, cause the blinds go up so damned fast. Saw it mentioned on Mike Matusows mouthpiece show on cardplayer TV. Which brings me to a scenario at a tournament I play on every other Sat in our local circuit. On two occasions the big stack, who had roughly 7K, at the table moves all in when the blinds are 50/100 cause the short stack, who had 150, went all in. Its such a retarded move that early in the tourney especially if you have a mediocre hand, guy says he wanted to isolate....... You want to isolate with QJ and J6 off, once he chopped with the all in and the other time he doubled up the all in. I dunno that early in a tourney against a short stack I prefer to let a few people in unless I have a really nice hand then I isolate but I surely don't shove. You want the short stack to get knocked out not double through you, why chase people out when you only have a mediocre hand. If your short stacked its one thing, I dunno its just one of my pet peeves when people try to justify their bad play with their crazy explanations of non sense.

Back to Cardplayer TV, pretty good stuff on here if you haven't seen it yet check it out. Nothing real educational but definitely entertaining. Plus lots of updates on the live tourneys going on around world EPT, WPT, WSOP, etc.

Another site I ran across was, there is the Daniel Negranu interview on there where DN tries to act all angry and throws the guy in the pool. You can tell its staged plus has anyone ever seen DN get angry before? I don't think he could, El shipo thinks he's gay....LOL I beg to differ I think he's just a mommas boy although watching him in that video he did look kinda gay especially on the walk away..... I was waiting for two snaps in a "Z" formation hahaha.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1st Quarter

Well i have been keeping track of all my poker this year, cash and tourneys, it was kinda of a new years resolution of mine. The year started off quite ugly being down about 2K within the first two two months. For a solid month about 8 sessions i didn't log a single win, took a few weeks off and a trip to ATLARGE in AC and I got back in the black, up a couple of hundo. Over the past few weeks I have been slipping back into the red though, simply because my head hasn't been in the game. I have a lot of other stuff going and have been a little bit stressed over the past few weeks and its really taking a toll on me. That's on the cash side.

On the Tournament side of things I have been doing fairly well. I started out the with a few loses but in the past two months logged about 3 cashes in tournaments and have managed to keep my tourney stats well in the black. One of my more notable cashes was in the ATLARGE TOC-Style (Stud, Omaha8, Hold'em) mixed tournament. I was the chip leader with about 12 people left and everyone wanted to chop so I didn't want the poker gods to unleash the wrath of bad karma on me for saying no to a chop. So I chopped it 12 ways and then they played for a little plaque, yippe I went out in 7th I think.Needles to say I didn't really care about the plaque/trophy thingy. Had a few other cashes in some smaller less notable tourneys at Harrahs, lets hope i can keep it up. I am hoping to get back up to the Borgata and play in the 20K guaranteed on Wednesdays and the 75K guaranteed on Fridays. They are pretty nice tourneys with good structures and modest buy in.

I'm just hoping to get back up to AC in general, I was really hoping to get back up there at least once every two weeks over the past month but things have been so hectic for me I have been unable to get back up there since my last trip about 3 weeks ago and I really need to get a car. My main form of transportation is my 1998 Dodge Ram and its not real good with gas, its rear axle is also on its last leg, and its not real comfy on long road trips. So when i do go to AC i usually rent a car but that has gotten a little pricey due to the time of year. Hopefully things will get back to normal here for me over the next month or so and I can get back up there. If you are heading up let me know.