Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a week

Well I'm a bit grumpy today, prolly because I've had a really crappy week. The kids got sick earlier in the week, seems theres some nasty stomach virus going around, and of course Tuesday I get it. Had me laid up for a couple days, uggh i really hate being sick. I cant sit still as it is, let alone being sick and having no choice. Then I had a little problem with the power company, I'd like to elaborate but my lawyers say I cant. (haha kidding). And I haven't had any time to play poker, which will really make one grumpy. Poker Withdrawals I believe they call it, I'll have to get Travis to one of his little dictionary meaning inserts to elaborate on the true meaning, LOL.

So today I have just been sitting around taking easy, taking care of a few odds and ends, playing with the blog a lil bit. I've added a few new cool add ons to the blog check them out if you get a chance. Mainly just added the Google Reader, its a pretty nifty little tool if you spend a lot of time on line like I do. I picked it up from Travis's blog the other day, seems Google is moving in leaps and bounds across the Internet these days with everything from free web based e-mail to readers to keep track of your favorite blogs and rss feeds. Guess I should of bought some stock in them back when they went public not too long ago. Doh!

Trying to figure out if I want to go play poker tonight, I woke up this morning around 7am really itching to play. I almost hopped in the truck and hit the road for A.C. but then talked my self out of it because it was such a nasty day. Which actually would have been all the more reason to go but its such a long ride and its rainy and......wah wah wah. Thats just the mood I've been in today. Travis hit me up on AIM a little bit ago wanted to see if i wanted to come play some PL Hold'em at the Donkey Coral tonight. Told him I might, I just had to finish up a few things. I dunno I still might swing through I just have to get some motivation behind me, jeesh I hate rainy Saturdays.

Well I am trying to keep this blog updated here on a regular now its just so hard typing with one hand, I'm getting pretty good at it though. LOL So keep an eye out or add it to your Blogarithm list so you can get an e-mail when I update this ridiculous thing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Say What!

Well back on the scene I am, and it has been a good month so far. I've been meaning to put up a new post on here since my 4 month hiatus but have just been putting it off, that is untill tonight.

Well headed on over to E and Keenans new spot for their new Mon. night 1/2 NL game and started off the night quite well. It was quite a fun game as it was last week thats why I came back out, that is untill this hand went down.

Travis and I find ourselves heads up in quite a hand, I know I had around $450 - $500 in front of me to start the hand so when Travis min raised my $150 bet on the river there was a good $800-$850+ in the pot. I call his raise and he shows his set 'o jacks as he is required to do by the rules of this lovely game we call poker. Then, did I hear what I think I just heard, ummm yes I did, from the other end of the table, from someone who wasnt even in the hand. This guy who I will leave unnamed says "I wanna see his cards" refering to me. SAY WHAT????????? Travis tells him that is usually done to prevent cheating and repeats himself, as well as a few other players let it be known that is wasn't cool. No reply from said unnamed person, so I said "you really want to see my fucking cards", he says "thats what I said". Well I take that as being accused of cheating and it is a downright "dickhead move" (quote pdoggie) LOL. And let me tell you, all I can say is if we were at a casino I would probably be banned from that casino for life. Since I respect E, Keenan, 90% of the players and the dealer at the table I restrained myself from flipping the fucking table over, throwing my cards out the fucking window and then replying if you wanna see my fucking cards go down there and pick them the fuck up.

Come to think of it that would of been pretty funny if I just reached over pulled up the blinds and chucked my cards out the window. But I was too heated to think of that shit at the time. So anyway, I flipped my fucking cards over as threw them across the fucking table and walked out the door to have a smoke. Pdogg put his two cents in and got into a small but heated debate with said unnamed person. Which I apprieciate and I would do the same for him or anyone else that I consider a friend. A few people including the house let it be known that it wasnt cool, but he just had to keep on with it, I guess he is cooler then everyone else. Ohhh man you are too cool for me. Its all good though thats very bad kharma sir and the poker gods will hopefully be shining down upon me the next time we play each other because believe me I will be looking to snap you the fuck off.

But in the end I did something tonight that I have never done before. I kept my mouth shut and instead of rebuying and going on tilt trying to stack this guy. I got up cashed out my $50 I had left in front of me and took the $170 loss. I'm sure you all know how bad I wanted to rebuy just to stack this guy but all I would of done was go on massive tilt, and I realized that and went with my gut feeling. So be it what comes around goes around.

P.S. Nice hand Trav I dont mind shipping it to you every now and then because I know you'll give it back eventually. ;) What the hell are you doing with a made hand anyway!