Friday, May 07, 2010

Road Trip, Heading West

Wow been a long time since I wrote in this thing, almost a year. Well this is a good time to knock the dust off and start over. A few months ago @OnAFoldDraw said he was moving to L.A., a few weeks ago he asked if I wanted to take a road trip cross country with him to make the move, umm hell yea. Plus he owes me a trip cross country, I was bumped in lieu of a blonde with boobies on his last venture across the great wide open LOL. Cant say I blame him.

I've never driven cross country before, can't say I'm looking forward to ride because I've done my fair share of traveling (driving) up and down the east coast. Flying is much easier and will be how I'm getting home for sure. But I've always wanted to drive cross country mostly for the experience and to see what else is out there in this country we live in. Although I've been told its a whole lotta nothin' I'm still looking forward to seeing it. I've never been west of the Mississippi so it will be nice to add a notch to my travel belt, well a few notches.

If you are out that way or along the way be sure to hit me up, also look for me @CommerceCasino sometime on/after Thursday May 13th.

I will be updating this thing daily from the road, so be sure to check in daily. You can also follow along on Twitter @Fivefingerz & @OnAfoldDraw for up to the minute updates and Facebook for the pictures.

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